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Price Lists

Type Difficulty Unit price
(based on original)
Japanese to English A
\15/ Japanese character
\12.5/ Japanese character
English to Japanese A
\30/ word
\25/ word
English to Chinese A
\30/ word
\25/ word
English to Korean A
\30/ word
\25/ word

Difficulty levels A and B depend on the content of the text, the assumed readership, total volume, deadline, continuity, translation specification, and so on. For details, please consult with a JES sales representative.
We support both simplified and traditional Chinese character sets.
Application software  ⇒
MS-Word (Japanese and English versions), TRADOS, PowerPoint, Excel, and so on.
Standard specification  ⇒
1)Text translation (left-justified, figures and tables numbered and translated separately)
2)Overwrite translation (translation is typed over the source data.)
Note) For overwrite translation, the customer must be able to provide an MS-Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file.
Also, for very complicated layouts, we may request an additional fee for the data creation.

TRADOS rate structure (English to Japanese)
Fees for jobs 1 to 4 below for which the match value is 100%
Pricing Category Relative % of word rate
  100% match 30%
  Repetitions 20%
  99% - 95% match 30%
  94% - 75% match 60%
  Less than 75% match 100%

1. Even in the old and new English texts exhibit a 100% match, we retranslate if the context is different.
2. 100%-matching old Japanese version is revised based on the new specification and terminology list.
3. 100%-matching old Japanese version is checked for omissions, mis-translations, and typos, and then revised if necessary.
4. If any html tags are missing from the 100%-matching old Japanese version, the text is revised as necessary.

DTP editing
(We can work in both Japanese and English environments.
Contact us for details.)
*Hardware    PCs (Windows, Macintosh)
*Application software    MS-Word, FrameMaker, PowerPoint, Excel, Pagemaker, Illustrator
*We also welcome enquiries about adding SGML and HTML tags, creating PDF files, and other projects.


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