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Technical Translation English to Chinese

Specialties  [English to Chinese]

Electronic equipment
◇Equipment including numerical control equipment, automatic control equipment,
    and industrial robots
◇Industrial equipment : Electronic measuring equipment, facsimiles, copiers
◇Consumer electronics
    Video, television, audio equipment, all other types of consumer electronic products
◇Other types of precision products
Heavy machinery, heavy electrical machinery, machinery, construction
◇Garbage incinerator construction project
◇Yellow River diversion project
◇ Spinning machines
◇Semiconductors, diodes, transistors, ICs, LSIs, gate arrays
General business documents
◇Business letters, speech manuscripts
◇QC circles, work instructions, ISO 14000
◇Environmental reports (Yokkaichi environmental white paper,
     air pollution monitoring system)
◇Joint venture contracts (many, for the likes of Itochu, Yamaha,
    Toshiba, Nissho Iwai, NEC)
◇Pamphlets for a wide range of products, advertising copy
Economics, society
◇Magazine article abstracts (Nikkei Business, others)
◇Government-related documents (National Health Insurance)

English to Chinese Translation Standard JES Work Flow

Overwriting of the original data with the translation,
followed by creation of a DTP file

・Client provides original data, Chinese-language screen data,
terminology list, and translation specification..
Terminology list creation
・Translators' instructions are prepared at the same time.
・Translation styles, expressions,
and specifications are determined.
Check by client
・Client checks terms and expressions being used.
・Translators are assigned to work in their specialist fields,
according to their capacity.
Check 1
・Check for omissions
・Check that the specification has been followed  
Check 2
・Check of terms and expressions being used
・Check of technical content
DTP final
・Incorporation of checked parts
・Formatting such as layout, indenting, and font style
・Creation of index
・Layout check
・Final text check
・PDF creation
Final proofreading
・Check of deliverable


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