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Specialties  [Japanese to English]

Large-scale software aimed at supercomputers, servers, storage, and network products
◇Hardware : All types of computers, display units, storage devices, printers
Electronic equipment
◇Equipment including numerical control equipment, automatic control equipment,
and industrial robots
◇Industrial equipment : Electronic measuring equipment, facsimiles, copiers
◇Consumer electronics : Video/audio equipment
Telecommunications, networks
◇Wired communications
    ADSL, LANs, optical networking, switching systems, packet switching networks
    Mobile communications, satellite communications, cellular telephone systems,
    regulations governing wireless equipment
◇Multimedia communications
◇All protocols
◇Semiconductors, diodes, transistors, ICs, LSIs, gate arrays
◇Opto-electronic devices
◇Machinery, hydraulic equipment, engineering drawings, specifications, automobiles
◇Design standards, production standards, inspection standards, quality standards
Molding, welding, casting, soldering, plastics, machining, construction, surface treatment, heat treatment, materials, components, products, measurement, reliability, document management, production control, process control
Contracts, protocols, articles related to the environment

Japanese to English Translation Standard JES Work Flow

Overwriting of the original data with the translation,
followed by creation of a DTP file

・Client provides original data, English-language screen data,
terminology list, and translation specification.
Terminology list creation
・Translators' instructions are prepared at the same time.
・Translation styles, expressions,
and specifications are determined.
Pasting screen data
into original
Check by client
・Client checks terms and expressions being used.
・Translators are assigned to work in their specialist fields,
according to their capacity.
・English native-speaking rewriters rewrite the draft into natural-sounding English,
while also checkingthe technical content.
Check 1
・Check for omissions
・Check that the specification has been followed  
Check 2
・Check of terms and expressions being used
・Re-check of technical content
DTP final
・Incorporation of checked parts
・Modification to suit English environment
・Formatting such as layout, indenting, and font style
・Creation of index
・Layout check
・Final text check
・PDF creation
Final proofreading
・Check of deliverable


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