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Specialties  [Japanese to English]

Electronic equipment
◇Equipment including numerical control equipment, automatic control equipment,
    and industrial robots
◇Industrial equipment : Electronic measuring equipment, facsimiles, copiers
◇Consumer electronics : Video/audio equipment
Telecommunications, networks
◇Wired communications
    ADSL, LANs, optical networking, switching systems, packet switching networks
◇Wireless communications : Mobile communications, satellite communications,
    cellular telephone systems, regulations governing wireless equipment
◇ Multimedia communications
◇ All protocols
◇Semiconductors, diodes, transistors, ICs, LSIs, gate arrays
◇Opto-electronic devices
◇Hardware : All types of computers, display units, storage devices, printers
Operating systems such as Windows and UNIX; communications systems including the Internet; PC security software; PC control software; programming languages including C, C++, Java, and Basic; application software including databases, spreadsheets, word processors, and e-mail; computer graphics; computer games; CAD/CAM/CAE systems; training software for industry; ERP
◇Machinery, hydraulic equipment, engineering drawings, specifications, automobiles

Accomplishments  [Japanese to English]

Numerical controller
Controller for machines
Machining monitor
images processing apparatus
Impact crushing apparatus for grain
Spindle motor drive controller
Mobile telephone
Robot hand
Multilayer semiconductor substrate, method of fabricating a multilayer semiconductor substrate, and semiconductor device
Hybrid integrated circuit device and optical illumination device
Message routing system
Pattern formation method
Programmable device development apparatus
Digital camera for a mobile telephone
Thin-film magnetic memory device as well as radio-frequency chip and distribution management system that use the thin-film magnetic memory device
Method of obtaining images information, images information transmitting device, and images information transmitting system
Mobile terminal apparatus, method of communication by a mobile terminal apparatus, and mobile communication system
Method of using a videophone system that uses real-time polygon processing
Wireless communication method, wireless communication apparatus, communication control program, communication control apparatus, key management program, wireless LAN system, and recording medium
Wireless mouse with a microphone
Sequence program editing apparatus
Numerically controlled machine tool
Die cushion controller
Magnetic marker
Imaging apparatus
Spread spectrum signal analyzer


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